Friday, May 31, 2013

Chase in Space

  The esposo, Chris Sugiuchi, is stellar in oh-so-many ways- earlier this month he and his elementary school engineering club sent a weather balloon and camera into the great beyond- a project they named Chase in Space.  It was a family affair- the logo was designed by brother-in-law Scott at Exit 10.  Rocket scientist father-in-law Howard helped with numerous projections.  Child-unit attached a lego mini-figure* and otherwise assisted in the launch and retrieval.  Our wedding march, Also Sprach Zarathustra, played as the balloon ascended, though that was just  awesome coincidence.  Chris' friend and fellow music teacher, Laurie Ragsdale, chose the song.

 The camera collected all types of data (read about it here and here). An editorial on the importance of innovative projects like Chase in Space to excite kids (as opposed to the omnipresent testing overwhelming public education) was published in the Athens Banner Herald.  But my favorite response is the above video- its soundtrack has music from two of Chris' bands- Ham1 and Prince Rondavel. 

*Actual quote from paper: I got to attach my Lego Mandalorian to it. You know, from Star Wars,” Harvey said.

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