Monday, April 2, 2012

About the New Town Revue

Last year my buddy Al Dixon and I started an Athens, Georgia based reading and music series, the New Town Revue. It's held at Athens newest independent bookstore, Avid Bookshop. So far packed houses have been entertained by readers Reginald McKnight, Sabrina Orah Mark, Jeff Fallis, and Beth Hall Thrasher, as well as musicians Madeline Adams, Old Smokey, and Tom Eisenbraun.

I am particularly stoked about the next installment of NTR, because one of my long-time favorite musicians/ writers, David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker, will be reading excerpts from his blog, 300 Songs. He might change his mind and surprise us with a short story. He definitely will play a few songs.

I'm also reading a piece from my teenage reform school captivity narrative, UnReformed. Scary, yet exciting!!!

The April 12th event starts @ 7 p.m. sharp. Looking forward to seeing you @ Avid Bookshop!

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